Thursday, December 6, 2007


So for Thanksgiving my family from Missouri, drove down to Mobile, Alabama, were my uncle lives to celebrate together. These are just a few from the trip.

This is Gizmo, my aunts longhaired Chihuahua. Normally, I do not like small dogs, but this one was surprisingly non-yappy. I liked him very much.
This is one of the place settings from the dessert table. You can see the five layer cheesecake in the background!!!!

My little bro, Nick, at the southern beach of Dauphin Island. Though it was unexpectadly chilly in Alabama, we still went to the beach to have fun. Several ofmy cousins who were with us had never been to the "ocean".

No one told my aunt that when you perform this trick, it works better with Diet Coke.

My aunt Ginger and her dog, Gizmo.

Nick at the old fort in downtown Mobile. Almost all 22 of us (that is of the ones who made it to Mobile, in total our numbers are reaching above 50) went out to the fort and the MartiGras Museum, which was nothing like I imagined.

Sarah, Brit and Alissa, all hanging out at the corner of the fort.

So we were trying to get a shot of what it might look like with our family in the "Fort Jail". Apparently very few of them would be upset, and even a few would radiate.

Sarah and Brit, as the King and Queen of Marti Gras. This was the theme of the meseum, I learned more about dress making than I did Marti Gras history.

One of the floats from a previous Marti Gras. Aren't the colors spectacular.

So I have more photos from the beach, the fort, and the museum that I will put up later.