Sunday, January 18, 2009

Skating in St.Louis

So in one of the coldest (well spasmodically cold) winters that I can remember, my January seems to filled with ice. From skating w/ the girls to stlblues; I can not seem to do anything else.
Here are some of my faves so far. . .

So I wish I could say that I know some one in this pick, but I do not, I just thought it looked neat.

Erin seemed to be the only person the whole night who was not completely blurred, so she is all throughout my photos.

Maybe one of my faves from the night. The girls look so chill out there on the ice.

After skating, we went to Kayak's for coffee (though everyone seemed to get dinner and tea)

kimmel eating a sandwich which rivaled Trevor's "man"-cakes!

Erin playing chubby bunny at kayaks.

and now on to the professional skaters. . .

So I have become really good at recognizing the Blues players, but I do not know who this is. . . but he looks good doing what he is doing.

Brad Boyes at practice at the St. Louis Mills mall .

Andy Murray talking to the team

the "whole" team (no one who was injered was out there. that included Paul Kariya, Keith Tkachuk, and Erik Johnson)

Friday, January 9, 2009

happy birthday hockey

here are some favs from my brothers birthday.

blues on defence against the canadians. that is jackman and woywitka.

our seat neighbors. so cute love the hair

manny defending the goal

nick enjoying his birthday chocolate

happy even though they ended up losing in overtime