Saturday, January 23, 2010

C &T "the Wedding"

I love this couple. . . in case I have not mentioned it. . . thought I should let you know.
As we all know, wedding days can be quite stressfull, even more so if you get a few last minute surprises. . . the worst of which was that the church did NOT allow flash during the wedding ( because the "ceremony is viewed as a worship service", though I am not sure as to why that should matter, as long as the bride and groom do not care, which they did not) . . . even from the hired wedding photographer . . . so as you can imagine my day went from needing to be inspired/focused to "How do I make use of the limited natural light?" ( it was a 3pm wedding, in Oct. with a large window silhouetting the bride and groom. . . need i say more)

but now that I am done whining. . . lets get to the photos . . .

i am in love w/ shoe photos. . . especially wedding shoes. . .

It really is a lovely venue, but having to shoot w/ a High ISO for a wedding was heart breaking. . . you would think that wedding coordinators (church/venue) would understand that light is a MUST for the photographer. . . I do not know why they insist on darkness for ambiance. . . this is a wedding not a concert. . .

Milli, the Maid of Honor / Sister / former room-mate of the bride

I love this cake. . . it was made by a good friend Jessica Johnson. . . this was here first wedding cake EVER. . . isn't it good (it fits the couple perfectly)

I love me some solar flair. . . it is an acquired love, by seeing the amazing pieces by Lisa Hessel

Looking forward to catching up w/ these two soon. . . because of the scheduling of the day, we were unable to get any shots of just the two of them . . . so we are planning on rectifying that when the weather gets warm again.