Monday, September 6, 2010

Baby Dylan

This is Dylan. . . and he is my "second cousin, once removed" . . . at least I believe that is the official relation. This beautiful little boy decided to meet us all 10 weeks early, and this was the first chance I to visit him (I refused to come down unless I felt perfectly healthy. . . no need to risk an illness w/ this one) Now several months later he is doing well, and is already full of personality . . .

I am not sure if there is anything cuter than baby feet . . .

This is my beautiful cousin Catie (umm, I mean "Cate", unfortunately for her, I have lived w/ her as Catie for my whole life, so it probably will not change) who is Dylan's Mommy!

Dyaln and his daddy Eric!

I love this pic so much, He looks like one of those porcelain dolls you can buy in the back of the old TV guides, he was sitting up SO well, but as you can see he was so tired, since this was the end of our day!

McBride - Pregnancy

I have known these two since before they were married, and I am so honored to be able to shoot some pregnancy pics for them.

Miss Mollie getting a "hug" from her mommy.

not many are privy to watching a man go through the process of trying to woo a woman, but being in Bre's small group at the time, I was able to meet Brian while he was in the middle of that process. . . It was so very refreshing to see.

This one might be my FAVORITE of the day!

Thanks guys for a great day. . . can not wait to meet her (and to get some fabulous pics of this cute little girl's face)


This is the Darst family. we have been trying for several months now to get together, but due some ill timed injuries, we had to put it off until early August. SO, what was one of the hottest days of the year, we ventured out to the St. Chuck river front for some pics.

I can not say enough about these two. Fantastic parents who love Christ, love each other, love their kids and love their community . . . in that order . . . like I said, they are pretty fantastic.

this is probably one of my favorite photos ever . . . yeah . . . EVER!

not much to say. . . a pretty family on a pretty bridge

The whole crew relaxing after a long sweaty day. . .