Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I have not put up photos in forever, truth be told I have not yet edited most of my pics since october. so here are a few of the faves of the past couple of months.

These are all from halloween. my brother and I went out for our annual halloween photo shoot. can you guess what he is?

What about now? can you tell>

That's right he was a frog prince.

These are from the second half of the mark's baby photo shoot. That is big sister Elyse, and in there is baby brother Evan.

love it.

This one might be my favorite of these though.

one of the guys from the matthias 2rivers picnic. Matthias won again.

So one of the kids I babysit for is obsessed with Thomas the train, and I took this of his thomas track for his Christmas present.

"Jesus can HAUL my sins away" . enough said

This is what mini's can look like when we are in a different place than usual. doesn't she look pleased to be there.

Monday, October 6, 2008

view from the rear

So normally, i have not had the best position in the crowd to take pictures, so i worked around it to get good shots. This year i was maybe in the worse spot ever. I was dead center, behind the media fence, and i happen to have 2 men in font of me, both over 6'5". So every shot i took, I had to take blind (on my tip toes, with the camera fully out stretched over head), So I ended up with a lot of shots of others taking the picture that I would have liked to take.

So this is something I have not figured out. Why was this woman allowed in the media booth with that. She could have been a reporter, but then shouldn't she have brought a photographer with her.

iphone part 1

iphone part 2

i phone part 3

Ok, so i should not complain to much, even though my spot in STL was not that good, I had a great place in St. Chuck. That was the only photographer in front of me.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baby Marks

I have been asked by the marks if I would be willing to do some pregnancy shots. Since There family schedule is hectic (and the live half-way to kansas), we did some "test shots" after the woman's retreat at El Shaddai.

Melissa had a lot of fun trying to get onto the swing.

This might be my favorite.

They have decided not to find out the sex of the baby, so we spent half of the session talking about baby names, they think Dominic if it is a boy and Brenna if it is a girl.

Doesn't she have the cutest little belly.

Friday, September 26, 2008

More From the Tour

So i just realized, that i never came back to share more of the tour. All of these are from the final stage in St. Louis. If you have not already heard, the circut had to be cut short due to severe flooding in forest park, but in the end it all worked out for the better, because i happen to get a prime shooting spot.

Before the race, this woman was trying to get the autograph of every person from Columbia and Garmin (which made her a perfect person to stand next to) she was really sweet, and ended up talking to Marco Pinotti in intalian, which was quite a shock for him.

Mark Cavendish talking to the same woman, she just seems to have a way with these professional cyclists.

These were the two who lead most of the stage. the rider on the left, Jeremy Powers, took the title for most aggressive rider for the day.

Mark Cavendish, supporting the green jersey, which he is now the current champion. He seemed to have a way of always being in my frame. I have at least two other photos, where he shot through a shot i was taking of someone else.

The whole of the peloton coming through the central west end.

Michael Rodgers and George Hincape of Team Columbia.

the celebration of Team Columbia, after winning the overall team title.

So i said i was only going to be posting photo's from St. Louis. I was wrong. This is one of the podium shots from St. Charles. That is Christian Vande Velde in Yellow, Mark Cavendish in Green, and Bernhard Eisel in Red. (Though i guess since you can not see the colors it probably does not matter to much)
Below the podium pic, is a progression shot of Mark Cavendish's sprint to the finish in St. Chuck (which he won). Though i doubt Cav needs anymore of an ego boost, i can see why many announcers have dared to call him "the fastest man in the world".

That is all for now. I have a few more which might be put up. We will see. . .

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tour of Missouri . Hermann . Stage 6

For the few (many) whom i have not shared the news with, God has blessed me with a new camera, and if it couldn't be better timed, he gave it to me a week and a half before the tour of missouri.
with that being said, I am going to break the photo's up into multiple post simply because the number of shots is overwhelming (i was only there for two of the seven days and i took 1000 shots.

so lets begin at the start of stage 6, in hermann mo. This may be one of my new favorite "little towns". it had the quaintest coffee shop ever.

feeling kind of artistic before the race. I may be persuaded to say liquigas has the coolest looking bikes.

this is the starting corner of Stage 6.

i seriously love the look of the Garmin-Chipotle cars. I was taking some detail shots of the plates, when lo and behold, look who snuck into the top corner of the photo; Mr. George Hincape

this kid was so cute. . . he is waiting (with about 50 other people, all adults) out side of the Columbia RV, to meet Mark Cavendish (who went on to win the stage later in the day)

Christian Vande Velde, looking like he is having a smashing time. There is a story to the laugh, mostly it has to do with the other racers feeling a bit sarcastic, and giving him a 15 ft. start advantage.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rally at the ranch August 08

so this past weekend, was the last rally for the 2008 summer. the final theme was "culmination". marc came up with this idea to try and communicate the reality of the connection between the cross which Christ died on and the cross that all of us who know him are called to bare. I have tried to explain the imagery to so many people, but have been unsuccessful. so here are the photos.

by way of connection and response during the night, we had the students make a "self portrait". the students wrote description traits on a card. then as they came in we put a big "C" on the card to symbolize curse. and then sprayed red paint over the card to symbolize covenant. Then during the sermon in an act of response, the students tied there cards to the cord that connected the two crosses. then during the second set of worship, we raised the whole cord bundle up.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

new camera....?

ok so i do not have a new camera, but this past week i was able (for the rally @ the ranch) to use what might be my next camera!!!

see you all soon. i am off to townsend, tn for the week! adios