Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rally at the ranch August 08

so this past weekend, was the last rally for the 2008 summer. the final theme was "culmination". marc came up with this idea to try and communicate the reality of the connection between the cross which Christ died on and the cross that all of us who know him are called to bare. I have tried to explain the imagery to so many people, but have been unsuccessful. so here are the photos.

by way of connection and response during the night, we had the students make a "self portrait". the students wrote description traits on a card. then as they came in we put a big "C" on the card to symbolize curse. and then sprayed red paint over the card to symbolize covenant. Then during the sermon in an act of response, the students tied there cards to the cord that connected the two crosses. then during the second set of worship, we raised the whole cord bundle up.

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