Thursday, August 27, 2009

St Louis Favorite Sport

Have I mentioned yet I love living in St. Lou . . . because I love sports . . . and am blessed to live in a city full of amazing teams (still waiting for the Rams to fix their jive, I will always miss Kurt)
went to a couple of ball games this week (one game is rare for me, 2 is unheard of), these are some shots from tonights 4-3 loss to the astros (still won the series though)

people always give Oquendo flac for not standing in the box. as you can see, it is well deserved, I do not think I ever see him in that box unless he is walking through it.

Lugo streaching out before the begining of the inning.

I love this shot . . . umpire doing his job . . . actually, everyone doing their job.

Matt Holliday @ bat.

Fans for life . . . she even decked out her monkey?

AP and BR just playing a little game of catch . . .

Blake Hawksworth, my favorite up and comming pitcher. . . glad to see him out their tonight. . . still waiting to see him at bat.

B Ryan's broken bat

The Stl outfield

Matt and Colby

Even with the late loss (HR in the 9th) it was a good game
lots of updates comming
Tour of Missouri in a little over a week. and 4 weddings in the 1.5 months, and an extra bonus of HOCKEY !!!! training camp is comming . . .

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rock the River

This past weekend was the 'rock the river' tour down at the Gateway arch. at least twice the anticipated number of people showed up, i guess somewhere around 100,000 peeps. and it was around 90 out.

this shot is quite deceptive, to the left and right there are at least 30,ooo more people.

love the hawk

His job was quite important. Almost everyone was watching from the screens .

Guitarist for Hawk Nelson . . . first time I remembered their name all week.

Lead Singer and Drummer for Hawk Nelson.

These are some walking back to the car, because we had August Gate

Downtown court building. Don't you love our street names

So safe there are no cars

Can not believe I made you wait over a month

They are just so cute. I wanted to get some up to share, since I slacked off this past month.

I love downtown architecture. So do they . . .

I love back lighting and silhouetting. This may be one of my favorite shots.

he is from KC and she grew up in Eureka, so this was the first ride on the metro. (also the first pic of the day)