Thursday, August 27, 2009

St Louis Favorite Sport

Have I mentioned yet I love living in St. Lou . . . because I love sports . . . and am blessed to live in a city full of amazing teams (still waiting for the Rams to fix their jive, I will always miss Kurt)
went to a couple of ball games this week (one game is rare for me, 2 is unheard of), these are some shots from tonights 4-3 loss to the astros (still won the series though)

people always give Oquendo flac for not standing in the box. as you can see, it is well deserved, I do not think I ever see him in that box unless he is walking through it.

Lugo streaching out before the begining of the inning.

I love this shot . . . umpire doing his job . . . actually, everyone doing their job.

Matt Holliday @ bat.

Fans for life . . . she even decked out her monkey?

AP and BR just playing a little game of catch . . .

Blake Hawksworth, my favorite up and comming pitcher. . . glad to see him out their tonight. . . still waiting to see him at bat.

B Ryan's broken bat

The Stl outfield

Matt and Colby

Even with the late loss (HR in the 9th) it was a good game
lots of updates comming
Tour of Missouri in a little over a week. and 4 weddings in the 1.5 months, and an extra bonus of HOCKEY !!!! training camp is comming . . .

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