Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just a Begining

Adam and Jess (my best friend) were married last night. I am not finished editing, but I had to share just a few pics, before I leave fot the Tour on monday.

Jessa getting ready. you can see her newly peirced nose, which reflects a peice of ancient wedding tradition of peircing a bride's nose (Ezekeil 16)

This pic is for Jess's cousin Amanda who could not make it to the wedding, because she is serving our nation in the USMC.

Jess love's her jewelry. She was very intentional about every peice.

This is during Jess and Adam's first meeting of the day.

This is my favorite, it is unedited (except a little contrast on their faces) . My flash is a bit sketch, but sometimes it does amazing things . . .

More to come soon.

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