Tuesday, January 29, 2008

matthias internship

So I am going to start putting up my bulletin's for the church as well as some other things that I am working on.

This is the latest one I did. I think it is kind of cool, but I won't see it "completed until tomorrow"
If you did not know, that is Jesa.

This is the post card for out baptism service on the 6th. cool right?
This was the bulletin from 2 weeks ago. Marc was preaching on "gray" Christians, those who try to straddle the line which has been drawn in the sand.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Twin Oaks Coffee

So a few days after Jess got back from England, we went to a "coffee house" at Twin Oaks Presbyterian. These are just some of my faves, like usual.
This reminds me of still lifes that I used to paint.

Jess enjoying being in America. Doesn't she look joyful?

So one day on facebook, this random kid Aaron, asked to be my friend. So after reading that we had several friends in common, I accepted. Now move to coffee house night, the first person I talk to is this kid Aaron, then it clicked, he is a Matthias kid.

I love this pic. There is tons of movement that contrasts with this stillness.

Brandon, trying to pull off Aaron's "cool".

Yep, just another neat shot.

Ok this is my favorite. I love the bracelets, but look at the detail on the jeans and in the sweater knit. It is fabulous!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

pics from 07-08 switch

ok so it has been a while since I have blogged, in part because I lost my camera cord, but hopefully I will invest in another one soon. These are just a few of my latest faves...

Yay for cookies!!! Acctually I hate these cookies, but everyone else I know loves them, so I made some.

Don't they just look wonderful in photo's. I almost want to eat them.

The cookies came to this event where a large percentage of the women in our church came together for a cookie trade and an ornament exchange.

Ok, so I know it does not fit with the usual stuff I take photos of, but come on... do we relly need that many McDonald's?

I am learning to love glass and reflections a little more each day.

Look at that sky...It was amazing, I almost ran off of the road trying to get decent pictures of it.

We (my church) were helping a family with some yard work, and we decided to sell these tires on craigslist, but I fell in love with this pic. I feel like it should be on the wall of an old route 66 diner.

Doug, rockin' out the nil and hammer (old school style).

Ok so tht is it for now, But I will be back. I have some cool pics from a coffee house, and an upcomming project I am working with Nicole on. So be excited!