Saturday, October 10, 2009

Craig and Taylor

I am so very excited to share these pics. Taylor and Craig are getting married in a week, and we had to schedule the engagement shoot LATE, in order to get some of fall in there (though if you live in STL, you know we have missed autumn entirely, winter is upon us)

They came to a general conscientious that neither of them are photogenic. What do you think?

Shout out to Lisa Hessel, who may claim to be my inspiration for all shots with flair. . .

This is the gazebo where Craig proposed.

It was supposed to rain all morning, but we had to brave it, because this was the ONLY time that all of us had. The rain held off, and we had amazing clouds to work with.

Like I said, we had an amazing sky. It opened up about 20 min after we wrapped. . .

Monday, October 5, 2009


This past Saturday, I was blessed to shoot pics of Addie. She was not a big fan of not being allowed to chew on her dress, but other than that she was quite a trooper.

I love this picture of Addie.

Addie is a "very serious" baby. She will not smile, if she does not have to (or unless her dad is standing their making silly faces)

Like I said, she was all about chewing on her tutu.

Addie and her momma, Georgia.

Last one . . .