Sunday, March 30, 2008

quarter ministry

so in the past few weeks, since we have a perminant bulletin, i have not had so much too post. well things have changes ...

this photo is my favorite from easter sunday service. beka short has some of the cutest shoes.

the rest of these are from out community love "event". after/ apart of lot family, we went out to the community to laundry shops and aldi's buying wash loads for people or getting them carts. these are just some from the day.

jessa's new glasses she loves them... i think the shoes on the side are her favorite part.

i see a trend that every moth i have a certain subjet that i like to shoot best, a few months ago it was table and chairs, now i seem to be hooked on feet, well more like shoes.
that is all... peace!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

visions of st. chuck

a first of many from my latest excursion into st. charles for some photos. though i enjoy many of the photos i took, they feel redundant and are probably not going to be helpful w/ what i needed them for.

Monday, March 17, 2008

dave hates valentines day

so here are a few pics from valentines day. our friend danielle was house sitting and got permission to have a few of us over for the "dave hates valentines day party". one might think that this party was full of bitter single folk, but alas they would be wrong. the party was hosted by a "non-single" gal. It was lots of fun, though admittedly it holds nothing to s.a.d., and I missed hanging out with the girls excessively. I might suggest that we all go back to the park next year.

this is a pic of candice, aaron, and danielle. they look pretty stinkin' cute don't they.

this is hilarious!! look at his face. matt is such a schemer. he saw that i wasn't actually paying attention while i was taking pictures, so he smiled when i looked at him and did this for the camera when I looked down!

we spent a majority of the night playing wii. kari and brandon, like myself were out by this point. actually I take that back, brandon and matt won over all, so brandon must have just been resting.

Monday, March 10, 2008

the unfaithful blogger

so... i have been very unfaithful about logging on and shareing the work that I have been doing. Below are the last few projects I have done for the church. tell me what you think.

this is the cover for our church directory. last year it was a red telephone, this year...

we have been going through luke. this was during the passage where Christ talks about the narrow door. many will try...few will enter.

this is the great banquet area of luke. Christ was talking about who will come into the great banquet.

again another luke/ Christ/ banquet passage. That we should not invite our family and friends to events, but should be loving the un-loved.

we have recently desided to no onger do weekly bulletins, because they are quite pricey. The one above and the following are the options for the next 6 months.
the above is a glimpse of " the dask of luke"

generic matthias bulletin possibility.......

maybe my favorite even though there is no color. I thought about adding some in, but then it might mess w/ the flow.

so what do you think?