Friday, June 27, 2008

the chapel

there are days when i forget how blessed i am. today is not one of those days. I was allowed to be apart of an amazing night of worship. a new venue has been opened down the road from Washington university, "the chapel". the building is owned by memorial Presbyterian, and they have converted it into an art gallery/concert venue. and it is amazing...
they are currently booking shows, so if anyone is interested..

this might be the coolest chandelier ever. many of the papers have original poems on them. most of those are in foreign languages. i kind of want to give them a greek one to add to the group.

this is the front door to the chapel... my guess is that it is original.

i know many others are not as ridiculous as me, but i love there logo and font choices.

this is the band that many of the people i cme with knew... "harlot bride". isn't it a good name. it remids me of ezekeil 16.

harlot bride bustin' out the bubble machine.

this is aimee wilson. her and her band were amazing. they had sitars and digeree doo's!

aimee wilson

there was also a harpist; timbre, who just so happens to be the reason i went to the show. if it hadn't been as dark during her set i might have gotten pictures, but alas i did not. if you have a chance check out her new album. it is amazing.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Matt & Christine

as promised, here are some shots of my first wedding...

aren't her flowers beautiful. the color was vibrant and just so happened to match perfect with the centerpieces at the reception

during the reception, matt and christine wanted to have a time where they could participate in the Lord's supper together as husband and wife for the first time.

isn't she gorgeous...

nothing new. i will always be taking pictures of peoples feet... at least the bride's looked good.

this is my favorite shot of the whole wedding.

the best man giving his toast to the bride and groom. you might be able to tell in the picture... the best man had to go to the ER the night before because he burned his hand... bad.

by request of the groom... a picture of our pastor eating. Matt convinced himself that marc doesn't eat in public, because he rarely eats at church events. well matt, here is your proof!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

quick glimpse of things to come

so last week i was blessed with the opportunuty to shoot a wedding (my first). it was fantastic. here is a breif glimpse of what will surely be a longer post.

i am sure you are wondering at a wedding post with pictures of hayride. the bride and groom wanted to make sure parents could bring their kids, so they let everyone know to bring a change of clothes for the hayride!

this is the bride, looking stunning, even though it was a scorcher that afternoon. quirky bit of trivia: her dress, she bought "un-worn" for $25. amazing.

i loved their cake. the top is carrot, middle was red velvet, and of course becuse this was a kid friendly wedding there was chocolate.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

ten days

this past week has been a bit hectic. that is an understatement, this week has been inimaginably complicated and full, but it made for a week of lovely photos... this week held, two weddings, an out of town conference, a flood, a break in, and no car keys.

to start where i left off... i love shoe shots...

this is mike. mike is a fellow church planter in flo-town. he, nathan, josh and i had as much fun as can be expected at the mbc training.

this is catie, or as she now likes to be called "cate". isn't she gorgeous. yep, i think so too!

the reception was at the lemp mansion. might be the most beautiful reception area in st. louis. do you see the building in the background?

this is "E", she was my roommate in college. you can not tell from inside (or from the photos), but there wedding (and there church) is in an old grocery store.