Thursday, June 5, 2008

ten days

this past week has been a bit hectic. that is an understatement, this week has been inimaginably complicated and full, but it made for a week of lovely photos... this week held, two weddings, an out of town conference, a flood, a break in, and no car keys.

to start where i left off... i love shoe shots...

this is mike. mike is a fellow church planter in flo-town. he, nathan, josh and i had as much fun as can be expected at the mbc training.

this is catie, or as she now likes to be called "cate". isn't she gorgeous. yep, i think so too!

the reception was at the lemp mansion. might be the most beautiful reception area in st. louis. do you see the building in the background?

this is "E", she was my roommate in college. you can not tell from inside (or from the photos), but there wedding (and there church) is in an old grocery store.

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