Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tour of Missouri '07

So typically around this time of year, i am starting to crave the tour de france. I look forward to july more than i can comment on. This year is different. I am thourally displeased with the organization which runs the tour, because they put a ban on riders who are not associated with the drama of last year. The majority of riders who were effected were the boys who formally rode for team discovery, the team who has won 7 of the last 8 tours. (i think there could be alternative motives here) that being said, the "discovery boys", or the new team astana will be making the trek over here in september for the Tour of Missouri, so in light of that I bring photos of last years tour!!!!!

this is big george. for those who do not watch cycling, he was lance armstrong's right hand man. he won last years tour of missouri.

isn't this kid adorable. the grandfather who was holding him, once he realized i was taking photos, scooted me in front of him so i could see. it was very kind.

the finish line of the final stage at the inaugural tour of missouri.

this is Dan Schmatz. he is the guy who crashed because he hit an armadillo. he recieved his own prize, a photo of an armadillo.

Yay!!! team discovery in there final competition in america. it was a historic moment, i am very thankful God allowed me to be apart of it.

this was the first shot of the day. I pretty much love it.

this woman was so kind. i think she possesses a stoic quality which is hard to find in others.

this is the award platform from stage 5, both George hincape and Stephen Cozza are there. I think both will be in both the tour of Missouri and le tour de france.

I love this shot, i am hoping to get a full arch/ road shot this year.

a group of discovery boys rounding the corner by the history museum. i think Alberto Contador is in that photo, he is the current winner of le tour de france.