Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tour of Missouri . Hermann . Stage 6

For the few (many) whom i have not shared the news with, God has blessed me with a new camera, and if it couldn't be better timed, he gave it to me a week and a half before the tour of missouri.
with that being said, I am going to break the photo's up into multiple post simply because the number of shots is overwhelming (i was only there for two of the seven days and i took 1000 shots.

so lets begin at the start of stage 6, in hermann mo. This may be one of my new favorite "little towns". it had the quaintest coffee shop ever.

feeling kind of artistic before the race. I may be persuaded to say liquigas has the coolest looking bikes.

this is the starting corner of Stage 6.

i seriously love the look of the Garmin-Chipotle cars. I was taking some detail shots of the plates, when lo and behold, look who snuck into the top corner of the photo; Mr. George Hincape

this kid was so cute. . . he is waiting (with about 50 other people, all adults) out side of the Columbia RV, to meet Mark Cavendish (who went on to win the stage later in the day)

Christian Vande Velde, looking like he is having a smashing time. There is a story to the laugh, mostly it has to do with the other racers feeling a bit sarcastic, and giving him a 15 ft. start advantage.

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