Monday, October 6, 2008

view from the rear

So normally, i have not had the best position in the crowd to take pictures, so i worked around it to get good shots. This year i was maybe in the worse spot ever. I was dead center, behind the media fence, and i happen to have 2 men in font of me, both over 6'5". So every shot i took, I had to take blind (on my tip toes, with the camera fully out stretched over head), So I ended up with a lot of shots of others taking the picture that I would have liked to take.

So this is something I have not figured out. Why was this woman allowed in the media booth with that. She could have been a reporter, but then shouldn't she have brought a photographer with her.

iphone part 1

iphone part 2

i phone part 3

Ok, so i should not complain to much, even though my spot in STL was not that good, I had a great place in St. Chuck. That was the only photographer in front of me.

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