Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I have not put up photos in forever, truth be told I have not yet edited most of my pics since october. so here are a few of the faves of the past couple of months.

These are all from halloween. my brother and I went out for our annual halloween photo shoot. can you guess what he is?

What about now? can you tell>

That's right he was a frog prince.

These are from the second half of the mark's baby photo shoot. That is big sister Elyse, and in there is baby brother Evan.

love it.

This one might be my favorite of these though.

one of the guys from the matthias 2rivers picnic. Matthias won again.

So one of the kids I babysit for is obsessed with Thomas the train, and I took this of his thomas track for his Christmas present.

"Jesus can HAUL my sins away" . enough said

This is what mini's can look like when we are in a different place than usual. doesn't she look pleased to be there.

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