Sunday, February 22, 2009

the Shorts

so the time has come to share. last week, i was privileged enough to get together w/ the shorts to shoot some photos for justin's birthday present (he turns 30 today). i had such a fun time with them. i had to wait to share though so that justin's present would be a surprise.

this little girl loves the camera. other than being photogenic, i mean she really loves the camera. i could not get her to stop looking at it.

i love this pic of the two of them.

Bella (the dog) was priceless throughout the whole morning, this is just one of her many moments.

So adorable. you can see how much she resembles her dad here.

"big sis" loving on little sis

i love it, just a classic of this girl and her mommy.

like I said, she loves the camera

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