Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some days I simply have to take pictures. . . this was one of those days. . .

For the longest time. . . I have been in love with the Irish Wolf Hound. . . it is a dream of mine to one day be able to own one. . . but living in the city. . . that is not very realistic.

I have since learned to love another breed, one much more reasonable to city living. . . the BOXER! I had never really been around boxers much and had NEVER been responsible for anything other than an XL-sized dog (yeah boxers are on the small side, in my book) . . . that was until the Huse's brought home Hailey . . . and thus my love for Boxers was born.

this is Hailey. she might be the cutest/ugliest dog EVER. . . not sure why her face is so deformed (seriously, the overbite and her gremlin ears are hilarious)

this is Missy. . . she is a recent addition to the Huse household. Her former owners had to move for employment issues, and were unable to take her w/ them. . . sweet dog

This might be one of my favorite pics right now. . .

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I Rock the Red said...

That third shot is awesome! - very nicely done. Great lighting, great pose, fun shot!