Friday, March 6, 2009

blues vs. red wingd 03.03.09

Yep, I went to another game. Again, I also have a few photos up on the blues web for this game!!!

Jay McClement, this horrible game ended his point streak.

I really like this shot of Alex Steen, I might like it better in B& W, i will have to see.

Maybe my favorite pic of Jeff Woywitka, he looks so calm, that could be in part to the fact that Hossa was laid out down at the end of the ice during this time. Hossa is ok, but he did have to be wheeled out on a stretcher.

The crowd looking on while the mad crew made hossa ready for transport to the hospital. he slamed into the boards head first, but it was worse because this was his first game back after a short break away for a neck injury.

Cam going at it with Downey. I do not really know who won this one because they fought for nearly 2 mins. neither going down, though I think cam won, but I could be a little biased.

I also think that if you revert to biting, then you automatically lose, therefore Cam Janssen wins.

Barret Jackman, sandra this one is for you.

Patrik Berglund. every time i see this kid I can not help but think he looks like this perfect mix of my friends Sean and Davy, it is a bit scary.

and this is how they beat us 5-0 that night, but it was just an off night for us, and a revenge night for them.
no will forget the huge lose to nashville the game before, sorry wings.

Another that is on the website. I suggest that everyone go and get on the blues site, it is very well put together.

Cam Janssen. the whole of sevtion 126 was hoping for a second Cam fight in front of us again.

Finally, a shot of Tj that is not blurry!!!

Like I said I love the chaos around the net!!!

Brad and Perron, this night also ended DP's point streak.

I really do think this kid was happy to see louie, but then again I could be wrong. . .

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